Our History

YHB is a newly established company which is expected to set a new standard in the field of natural, biological as well as other pharmaceutical products in the near future. We are interested in the manufacture and worldwide distribution of the biopharmaceutical production. Also, we are concerned in allying with other companies for the purposes of importing, registration, local production and distribution of their products in Egypt and in the Middle East. Placenta is the revolution of the cellular renewal. It has been an ingredient in traditional Chinese and Japanese medicines for years. Placenta Extract is used as a drug of rejuvenation and vitalization. Many bio active- and anti-inflammatory components found in Placenta Extracts stimulate the cellular renewal and repair. We are the agent of Japan Bio Products Co., Ltd. in Egypt and in the Middle East. The company is manufacturing and selling human placental injection “Laennec”, placental cosmetics, placental supplements and medical devices. Laenec injection is a pure human placental extract made by japan bio Product Company for treatment of liver cirrhosis and as anti-aging agent as well as many other medical conditions. The general health benefits of Placenta Extract include improvements in energy, stress response, improvement of sleep patterns, relaxation and the ability to overcome a feeling of fatigue · To secure the highest quality and safety, Japan Bio Products Co., Ltd. has the highest international measures of the raw placentas. · The Placentas are submitted to a special extraction process with the highest technology developed by our company. No alcohol or other solvents are used in the production. Laennec Palcenta Extracts are Halal-certified. Yoshikawa, et al. Efficacy of Porcine Placenta Extract on wrinkle widths below the eye in climacteric women,Climacteric2014; 17:370-376. Yoshikawa, et al. Effect of Porcine Placenta Extract on Collagen Production in Human Skin Fibroblasts In Vitro,Gynecol Obstet2013. Liu et al. Human Placenta Extract Stimulate Liver Regeneration in Rats,Biol. Pharm, Bull, 21(1), 44-49, 1998